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Rosemarie Márquez, DMD, PA
Dr. Rosemarie Márquez grew up in Miami, FL and fell in love with dentistry while working her way through college at a dental office. Dr. Márquez received her undergraduate training at Florida International University. Her dental degree is from the University Of Florida College Of Dentistry, where she completed her graduation requirements eight months ahead of schedule. Upon graduation in 1992, Dr. Márquez returned to that same office and the doctors that had helped shape her future.

Over the past 20 years, due to her husband’s career, she has practiced in several locations around Florida. Her family’s last and final move brought them to St. Petersburg in 1999. After a 3 year sabbatical at home with her children, she returned to dentistry in 2002 and practiced locally with another dentist in St. Pete Beach until 2011 when she fulfilled a lifelong dream of purchasing her own practice.

Dental Associations & Societies

Throughout Dr. Rosemarie Márquez’s professional career she has belonged to the various dental societies from the national to the county and local level. Dr. Márquez is a member of the ADA, (American Dental Association), as well as the FDA (Florida Dental Association)WCDDA (West Coast District Dental Association) and PCDA (Pinellas County Dental Association). She enjoys taking continuing education courses and incorporating the latest scientific findings into the comprehensive care of her patients.


Dr. Márquez has the support of a wonderful family, which includes her husband John and children: Kristen, Danielle, Nicky, Devon and a son-in-law, Collin. They love St. Petersburg and have decided that this beautiful area will be their home destination for years to come. Dr. Márquez is interested in building relationships and a partnership for patients’ long-term oral health. If you are in the area, please stop by to say hello or call our office at (727) 345-1774 to schedule your next dental visit.