Laser Dentistry

Cutting Edge Dental Treatment with Rosemarie Marquez, DMD

At Rosemarie Marquez, DMD, we are always working to keep up with the latest in dental developments so that we might provide our patients with the most effective, advanced dental treatment. We are able to provide non-invasive treatment for a number of oral conditions through the use of our C02 laser.

The benefits of laser treatment include:

  • Cutting-edge technology at affordable rates
  • Minor discomfort with no anesthesia required
  • Instant relief / fast healing
  • Outbreak prevention of cold sores

Laser Treatment Solution for Cold Sores

Our laser treatment is a wonderful solution for anyone who cannot stand the occasional cold sore outbreak. Cold sores can be brought on by stress, a virus and even extra sun exposure. When caught as soon as a tingling sensation is noticed, the laser treatment can stop cold sores before they appear saving you from pain and embarrassment. If the outbreak has already occurred, the laser treatment provides relief from pain while also lessening the duration of the cold sore. Experience freedom from cold sores with laser treatment by Dr. Rosemarie Marquez. Call 727.345.1774.

Distinctively Caring Dentistry in a Comfortable Environment

As your St. Petersburg dental provider, we believe comfort and healing can be maintained at the same time. With laser dental treatment, you can experience instant relief from the discomforts of cold sores and gum disease, prevention of further cold sore outbreaks, and the chance to avoid painful treatment alternatives.

To learn more about the technology of laser dentistry or to schedule an appointment with our office today, contact our office today by calling (727) 345-1774!

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