Our Professional Teeth Whitening for Life Program was developed as a gift for those patients who already taking their dental health seriously, and as an incentive for those who need a little encouragement keeping up with their dental care. We, at Rosemarie Marquez, DMD, PA, are committed to your beautiful, healthy smile.

We pride ourselves on the smiles that leave our practice and in knowing our patients are maintaining the best possible oral health. Participation in this program requires your commitment also. As a courtesy and privilege to our very special patients, we offer this program. It is intended for patients who plan to continue to prioritize their oral healthy through regularly scheduled exams and cleanings. We believe it is extremely important to maintain recommended hygiene appointments and receive necessary dental treatment to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. In fact, patients who maintain regular preventive care appointments and receive recommended treatment, generally spend less money on dental care than those who only see a dentist when a problem exists. Usually, people who wait until there is a problem have irreversible damage to their teeth and gums.

Below is a description of the patient responsibilities. Please read through them carefully. Review the policy and sign, acknowledging receipt and understanding of necessary compliance requirements. While Professional Teeth Whitening for Life is a gift from us to you, we insist that the rules be followed in order to receive this valuable benefit.

Please click to view or download our Teeth Whitening for Life Agreement. You may also fill out our Contact Us or (727) 345-1774 today.