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Jennifer Joern Avatar
Jennifer J.
How many people love going to the dentist? I do! Why? My first dentist was my Grandpa who made every annual visit educational and enjoyable, even if I had to get a filling. The 12 years he was my dentist (that's how old I was when he died) helped me understand that going to the dentist was a good thing, an enjoyable (not scary) experience. Now, of course, it helps to have a really good dentist and staff; and, in this case, that dentist is Dr. Rosemarie Marquez, as well as her staff, including Hilary and Leo. In this time of Coronavirus, their advance communication of how they will be prepared -- staff and office and exam rooms -- to support their patients was clear and thorough with regular updates via e-mail and text. I was very pleased to see that all staff members wore a mask/face covering and gloves; that my temperature was taken when I arrived; and, that I was the only patient in the waiting room. Leo processed my new insurance with ease; and, as always, Hilary filmed and cleaned my teeth without any issues ... plus, we had a few good laughs. Dr. Marquez conducted a thorough exam and gave me some recommendations for my next visit. And, the best part? NO CAVITIES! I have referred friends and friends of friends to Dr. Marquez; and, will continue to do so, as my experience is always an 11 on a scale of 1 - 10.
Joe Ragsdale Avatar
Joe R.
Joe Ragsdale Dr. Marquez and her staff were wonderful. For someone who has terrific dental fears, they made me feel very comfortable.
Gale M. Avatar
Gale M.
5 star rating
Even during Covid enviro with a temp hygienist filling in- everything sanitized and was just as if this was any other normal visit! Many thanks for protecting all of us patients!
Lena D. Avatar
Lena D.
5 star rating
Today was my first day there as a patient, it was such a GREAT experience!! Everyone talked to me very thoroughly! Alexis, my hygienist was AMAZING!!! She talked to me like i was her bestfriend, I told her I interested in dental hygiene and she told me all about it and how much she loves her job. If you ever need your teeth clean ask for ALEXIS!!! Love this office, will definitely be my primary!!!
Devon M. Avatar
Devon M.
5 star rating
Was scared to have my first filling but Dr. Marquez made it an incredible experience! I didn't even feel the needle go in, and all the staff made me feel so comfortable.
Dan OBrien Avatar
Dan O.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr Rosemarie Marquez and her staff. She is a very talented dentist. Her office is very nice and equipped with the latest and greatest in dental equipment. I started with routine dental work like a filling and a cleaning by the Dental Hygienist (she was great too) and went on to have extensive cosmetic dental work done. It was quite a process and took a few visits to complete. I was kept completely informed throughout the process. The discomfort was minimal and I do mean minimal. She even has equipment that will minimize the discomfort of the injections in the most sensitive parts of your mouth. All together I had four teeth extracted, multiple crowns, two partials and I absolutely could not be happier with her work. She is a perfectionist. You can’t beat experience. On a personal note, she is a down right awesome lady and a true professional. Look no further for a dentist she is the one to go to!
Vickie Avatar
May I say for someone that doesn't do the dentist, Say that if you don't do needles, this a great and calm place to go. The staff are great and help you in ever way to be calm and safe. I think, no I know I have found my dentist. My you all be blessed.
Nicole M. Avatar
Nicole M.
5 star rating
I finally found a wonderful dentist right down the street! Flexible times, wonderful staff, DentalVibe for pain free injections, and even better yet my 11 year old daughter likes her too! 🙂 I highly recommend Dr.Marquez of you are new to town or just want to change out your dentist!
t olt Avatar
t o.
Best dentist I have ever been to. The exam was extensive and, I believe honest. Was fortunate to find this dentist and staff.
Patty smith Avatar
Patty s.
I am retired from the dental profession and chose Dr. Marquez for my dental needs. She and her staff are highly professional and skilled. She uses high quality materials in a state of the art office. I would not hesitate to recommend her to family, friends and strangers on the street!
Xiomara Graham Avatar
Xiomara G.
Everyone I had during my visit was extremely pleasant and wonderful. So happy I switched dentists. Dr. Marquez is very thorough and Rachel is nice and explains everything she's doing.
Deana J. Avatar
Deana J.
5 star rating
Who likes to go to the dentist? It isn't something that sounds like a spa day but when I have to go to Dr.Marquez I don't have the anxiety sweats anymore.
It is a very warm, calming, clean and friendly environment. There is little or no wait after check in. They greet you with a smile and even call you by name. It's always very pleasant and just listening when she is working and talking to someone else is always so genuine, she keeps them calm even when it is time for a shot, no kidding, she uses a tool called, Dental Vibe. It's a tool she uses to make the shots less painful. It works!!! UNBELIEVABLE NO PAIN FROM SHOT!
Her patients love her!